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Solitaire 3

Game Instructions:
  •  Interact

Solitaire 3 Game Overview

A Delightful Treat to Card Enthusiasts Solitaire is a brand new card game that is an unforgettable fun treat for all solitaire enthusiasts. Your objective is to stack cards from high to low (Ace to King) to enjoy the victory.

Adhere to the fundamental solitaire rules, cycle through the deck, clear the table of solitaire cards.

1. Three-Card Challenge: Deal and strategize with three cards at a time, adding a layer of complexity and tricky situation to the game.

2. Multiple Attempts: You get a chance to enjoy the freedom of trying again and again until you clear the tables and create your desired score.

3. Logical Thinking Boost: When you try this HTML5 card game, you are allowed to leave the positive impact on your logical thinking and cognitive power, making it both fun and educational.

Prepare descending tableaus on the Solitaire board by stacking cards of alternating colours atop one another. With unlimited passes through the deck, there is no rush to cycle through all the cards.

Mastering Solitaire 3 game relies on correctly placing cards in the tableaus, following instructions and cues to complete tasks successfully. Playing this latest HTML5 game will improve your logical thinking and intellectual development.

Do not worry if you fail as you will have unlimited attempts to use. Good luck!

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