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Australian Patience

Game Instructions:
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Australian Patience Game Overview

A Popular Variation of Yukon Solitaire

Australian Patience is a challenging popular variation of Yukon Solitaire where you are aimed at moving all cards to the 4 foundation stack starting with Aces.

Build foundations from Ace to King in each suit, build down columns in the same suit only, fill up the empty columns with Kings and create a big score to win.

Key Features:

1. Strategic Card Moves: Use your brain power as you have to build descending suit sequences on the tableau piles. You can group and move cards to another tableau pile in case if the move connects a card to a higher-ranking card of the same suit, providing an amazing yet interesting twist to your strategy.
2. Focused Use of Stock Pile: Use the stock pile to your advantage, dealing new cards when required by clicking on it. Be careful as you cannot undo your move, so try to make the best use of your stock to make each move count and aim to earn bonus points.
3. Point Collection: You can earn 100 points for every card successfully placed in the foundation pile. Aim to challenge yourself to increase the number of points and showcase your abilities in this brand new arcade game for both boys and girls.

With its impressive graphics and engaging gameplay, this latest HTML5 card game promises an enjoyable experience. As you begin the game, four upturned cards are dealt to each of the seven tableau piles, while the four foundations are displayed above.

Put your immense card-playing abilities to the test in Australian Patience, striving to create perfect sequences and efficiently utilize the stock pile. With a bit of luck and, of course, a strategic mind-set, you can conquer the challenges, earn top scores, and secure your win in this cool solitaire puzzle game.

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