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3D Mahjong

3D Mahjong Game Overview

3D Mahjong is a classic puzzle game where you have to match pairs of tiles to clear them from the board. This cool brand new arcade game features Vivid 3D experience, strategic pairing fun and relaxing gameplay with bonuses.


1. Vivid 3D Experience:

Are you ready to enter a visually stunning world with 3d Mahjong blocks adorned in vibrant colors, delicate flowers and Chinese characters? This fun Sudoku challenge will allow you to enjoy the elegance of majestic plum blossoms gracing the screen. At many instances, you will fall in love with its calming background.

2. Strategic Paring Fun:

Your primary objective is to clear the Mahjong blocks by matching pairs with the same designs. Exercise your mind by strategically pairing blocks, considering the ones that are independent from others. Plan your moves wisely as trying to remove a blocked block between two others will not succeed. Make sure to manage and collect extra seconds when you progress through different levels.

3. Relaxing Gameplay with Bonuses:

It is awesome to explore a peaceful and solitary gaming session, popping matching blocks and enjoying the satisfying sound of success. Do your best to pair within three seconds to earn extra points. Also try to complete levels to earn additional 5 seconds.

In this lovely arcade-based Mahjong puzzle challenge, you will get a chance to discover the mystical world of China. It will be a wonderful opportunity to know more about the Chinese culture while juggling the Mahjong blocks.

Get into this charming game, engage your mind and let the calming visuals and sound soothe your soul!

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