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Klondike solitaire

Game Instructions:
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Klondike solitaire Game Overview

Classic Solitaire Challenge

Classic Solitaire is an extremely popular HTML5 card game where you are aimed at moving all the cards to the set of foundation cells.

Follow the ascending suit sequences of the same suit to fill all the 4 foundations, and follow the descending suit preferences with alternating colours timely with the limited moves.

Key Features:

1. Two Modes with Endless Fun: Select between online play or real deck challenges and allow yourself enjoy Klondike solitaire anywhere, anytime.

2. Logical Thinking Practice: It is a nice deal to engage your mind here as you strategically organize cards into ascending order and build the four suits from Ace to King.

3. Customizable Yet Tough Gameplay: Feel free to tailor your experience by choosing draw options - play 1 card or 3 cards per click - for an extra layer of challenge.

In this brand new classic version of solitaire, you are determined to build up the four foundations (top right) by suit from Ace to King. With a single deck of 52 amazing playing cards, this timeless patience game is known for offering online and real deck options for solo play or challenging friends.

Get a chance to sharpen your logical thinking in two different modes ? all available online for free, no downloads needed. Put your card-playing skills to the test and aim for better results!

Begin your fun card playing journey with shuffled cards as 28 solitaire cards are dealt onto the tableau. Your primary objective in this cool HTML5 puzzle game is to arrange all cards into the four suits (diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades) while ensuring they ascend from Ace to King.

Remember piles are set up left to right, with the face-up bottom card in each tableau and the remaining 24 cards forming the stock.

As cards lie before you, make sure to move them to the tableau to create your four suited piles. Drag cards as needed and select between flipping 1 card or 3 cards per click, depending on whether you are playing draw 1 or draw 3.

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