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PuzzleGuys Hearts

Game Instructions:
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PuzzleGuys Hearts Game Overview

Heartbeat Rivals!

PuzzleGuys Hearts is a super fun latest version of arcade-based card game where you have to pass the trump cards to other players and win the least number of points possible.

Get rid of all Hearts, play the highest value of the leading suit, force your opponents to take the heart cards and try to have the lowest score to win.

Key Features:

1. Compete Against Other Players: It is time to test your card-playing abilities against three other skilled computer opponents and emerge as a champion.

2. Strategic Gameplay: Hey! Think twice and plan your moves carefully to minimize points, while avoiding reaching the 100-point limit, keeping the competition a little bit tough.

3. Unique Card Strategy: Begin with the 2 of clubs and beware of the Queen of Spades ? it is restricted in the first round, adding a strategic layer to the game.

Enter into the world of classic Hearts, but with a little bit twist ? challenge expert computer opponents and aim for victory! Join the captivating realm of PuzzleGuys Hearts and prove your skills by challenging your opponents in this dynamic HTML5 card game. The rules of game are pretty straightforward and suitable for all players.

Initially, players receive 13 cards. Choose three cards to pass to the next player and keep your eyes on managing your points wisely to secure victory in this mobile friendly arcade game. Every card played earns you a point, with the Queen of Spades having the potential for 13 points.

Make sure to avoid collecting Hearts and the Queen of Spades, as they accumulate significant points. If a player accumulates all 13 Hearts and the Queen of Spades, they will earn 26 points, while their opponents receive none.

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