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Game Instructions:
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PyramidSolitaire Game Overview

A Most Loved Version of Solitaire!

Pyramid Solitaire is a standard 52-card deck peculiar game that combines fun with a mild workout of math. Collect all the cards in the pyramid to clear the tableau, and match two cards whose ranks equal 13 together to get rid of all the cards.

Key Features:

1. Unique Brain Teaser: Challenge your brain with addictively unique and interesting puzzles, enhancing your strategic thinking in this one of the best HTML5 card games for boys and girls.
2. Sum to 13: Your primary goal is to pair cards that add up to 13 and look into the screen as the pyramid of cards unravels before your eyes, offering a satisfying gameplay experience.
3. Strategic Pairing: Think strategically to create pairs with the help of unblocked cards, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces, while making the most of stock and waste cards.

Pyramid Solitaire is an extremely popular and engaging HTML5 brain-teaser that will capture your heart from the very first try. Eliminate cards from the pyramid with the help of strategic moves to outshine your previous scores!

Remember your mental ability is your strongest asset. As you uncover cards in the pyramid, look forward to pair them strategically, always aiming for a sum of 13. You should know the value of each card ? Kings (13 points), Queens (12 points), Jacks (11 points), and Aces (1 point).

Make sure that they are paired appropriately and work hard to plan your moves well, as cards cannot be removed without a matching pair.

Your strategic ability comes into play as you are limited to cycling through the stock only three times, making each move count. Use the uncovered pyramid solitaire cards and incorporate waste cards to match stock cards, improving your chance of enjoying the success.

Clear the entire pyramid to achieve victory, all while avoiding using solitaire cards that may restrict your progress. Match cards in stock or tap into the waste before the game concludes to aim for extra points. Hope you win all the way!

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