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Gravity Tap

Gravity Tap Game Overview

A Lane-Switching Endless Runner Challenge!

Gravity Tap is a free HTML5 fast paced endless runner game in which you have to control a block when it speeds down the two sided road for a high score.

Switch between two lanes to help a block pass through various obstacles, collect red balls and try to survive as long as you can for a high score.

Key Features:

1. Dynamic Challenges:

This brand new arcade game offers a constantly changing landscape with plenty of obstacles, road layouts, and block coloured block that vary with each play through. All you need to do is just adapt swiftly to these changes to keep progressing.

2. Collect Red Balls:

Look for the red balls and try to collect them as many as possible while keeping your character away from the obstacles by switching between lanes. Challenge yourself to maximize your collection and prove your quick response skills.

3. Rotating Obstacles:

Make sure to keep yourself ready all the time as the screen may rotate periodically, making the gameplay even more tricky. Platforms may change colours to keep you on your toes, pushing your abilities to their limits.

Switch between lanes, react as fast as you can avoid the obstacles, and aim for a high score to climb the leaderboard in this mobile-friendly, skill-based runner game.

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