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Aunt Mary Solitaire

Game Instructions:
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Aunt Mary Solitaire Game Overview

Offering Unique Card Playing Experience!

With offering a unique gameplay experience with some strategic twists, Aunt Mary Solitaire is an ultimate HTML5 card game that has a bit resemblance to the popular classic Yukon Solitaire.

Arrange cards into 4 foundation piles starting from Ace to King, build down in alternating colours, and put more cards into the special group to create your high score.

Key Features:

1. Six Tableau Piles: Start with 6 tableau piles, each encompassing a different number of face-up cards. The first pile includes six cards, the second boasts five, and so on, until the last pile reveals a solitary card. Additional cards form the stockpile.
2. Use of Strategic Moves: Arrange tableau cards in descending order while alternating colours with the help of your intellectuality. Follow the rules and move sequences of cards between tableau piles. Accept the challenge of managing empty tableau spaces and skilfully placing Kings to maximize your moves.
3. Thoughtful Choices: Be careful and try to make calculated decisions while opening cards from the stockpile. You can add these cards to tableau piles as per the rules or move them to foundation piles if the conditions are met. Keep in mind that no re-deals are allowed once the stockpile is exhausted.

In this latest arcade game, your primary objective is to arrange cards into foundation piles from Ace to King, adhering to suit rules. The engaging gameplay, use of analytical thinking and a touch of luck to triumph over its unique challenges will be enough to keep you occupied.

The higher the number of cards you place successfully on the foundation piles, the greater your ultimate score will be. 9. Australian Patience: A Popular Variation of Yukon Solitaire

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