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Skull Racer

Skull Racer Game Overview

Monster Truck Madness

Skull Racer is a highly addictive and super fun monster game where you drive a car to the finish line without falling off. Drive, make stunts and flips, jump to gather as much coins as possible and use those coins to buy unlock access to new cars through 20 unique levels.

Key Features:

Thrilling Coin Collection: Grab as many coins as you can while maneuvering your monster truck through challenging terrains to boost your score.
Time-based Challenges: Test your driving skills by reaching your destination on time and earn the title of a pro driver.
Cross-Platform Play: Enjoy the addictive driving simulator on smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads in portrait mode, featuring easy-to-use controls.

Your ultimate goal is to complete all 20 levels while collecting coins along the way to improve your score. Stay vigilant as the top screen displays the distance remaining to be covered. It is crucial to maintain your truck balance while grabbing those valuable coins scattered throughout each level.

The game intuitive controls ensure an enjoyable experience on all the latest platforms, without requiring any downloads.

Immerse yourself in this cool driving game and prove your skills as a master monster truck racer. Will you be able to conquer all the challenges and emerge as the ultimate Skull Racer? Jump into the action now and let the thrilling ride begin!

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