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Big City Taxi Simulator 2020

Big City Taxi Simulator 2020 Game Overview

A Challenging Driving Adventure!

Big City Taxi Simulator 2020 is an addictive 3D taxi driving simulator with quality physics and multiple cars to select from.

Apply fuel management and complete tasks efficiently before time goes up to earn money through which you can buy improved vehicles.

Key Features:

Fuel Management Challenge: Navigate the city with limited fuel, using it wisely to accomplish your tasks and earn money as a taxi driver.
Realistic 3D Driving Simulator: Immerse yourself in a realistic 3D driving experience, taking on the role of a taxi driver in a bustling city.
Time and Distance Tracking: Keep track of time and distance in the right top portion of the screen, aiming to complete tasks efficiently and earn more money.

This brand new 3D driving simulator puts you in the shoes of a dedicated taxi driver, experiencing the hardships and challenges they face daily. With limited fuel provided by the company, use your wits to complete tasks efficiently and navigate the bustling city to pick up and drop off passengers.

Fasten your seatbelt and put on your Taxi license plate as you gear up for the most difficult task of your life. Use the map provided to pick up passengers and ensure they reach their desired destinations safely and promptly.

Stay focused and avoid mistakes as you strive to complete each task in the least possible time. The clock is ticking, and time management is essential in this city taxi simulator.

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