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Speed Racer

Speed Racer Game Overview

Speed Racer: Master the Unique Racing Challenge!

We can understand your craving for the speed so going to take you to a world where you will get the racing experience like never before. Hey! This unique challenge will be pretty engaging and enough to keep you engrossed for unlimited hours.

Do you think that this is the right time to accept this unique challenge? If yes, join Speed Racer and gear up to showcase your unmatched driving skills to let your competitors know that they have chosen a wrong guy to compete with.

Put your fingers on the left mouse button or tap your mobile screen to help vehicle switch lanes and avoid the unwanted collisions with other cars. This will be a thrilling journey through a circular track, manoeuvring past obstacles. You need to be extra careful when the speed of both vehicles increases as you progress.

Perfect timing will matter the most when it comes to helping you achieve a respectable score. No need to perform wild stunts or tricks while aiming for the high scores, but your focus will matter the most to create high scores.

Keep delivering the outstanding performances to unlock new car models. This will also help to make the game even more interesting and engaging. Check out at the top center of the screen to keep track of your playtime in this HTML5 car game!

P1 represents your car character, while P2 represents your competitor car in this single-player game. Invite your friends to explore a variety of free car games on your device, no downloads required!

So, what are you thinking about? Get your finger ready to avoid the obstacles fast and demonstrate your driving skills like never before!

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