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Stunt Simulator

Stunt Simulator Game Overview

Drive Around The City for Huge Fun!

Stunt Simulator is a fun 3D driving simulator where drive your chosen vehicle around the city and perform stunts for the highest score.

This brand new radical racing game features extreme stunt challenges, diverse vehicle selection and realistic physics and locations.

Key Features:

1. Extreme Stunt Challenges: Challenge the laws of physics as you race through death-defying ramps and perform jaw-dropping aerial stunts. Show off your driving skills and unleash your creativity to amaze the crowd and earn massive points. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with various tricks and moves in a thrilling open-world environment.

1. Diverse Vehicle Selection: Choose your ride from a wide range of options, including Compact, Muscle, Super, Racer, Conception, APC, BIG RIG, Sport, and Coupe. Each vehicle offers a unique driving experience, allowing you to customize your gameplay and find the perfect match for your stunting style.

Realistic Physics and Locations:Experience the rush of realistic physics as you navigate through the streets of a dynamic city environment. With two map locations and immersive 3D graphics, Stunt Rush brings the thrill of high-speed racing to life. Configure your car behaviour to suit your preferences and master the art of precision driving.

Show off your skills, perform epic stunts, and conquer the ramps in a quest for high scores and ultimate glory. With its thrilling gameplay, diverse vehicle selection, and realistic physics, this game offers an unmatched stunting experience. Are you ready to push the boundaries and become the master of aerial tricks! No downloads required, simply buckle up and enjoy the high-quality fun on your device!

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