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Finger Driver Neon

Game Instructions:
  •  Left Side Move
     Right Side Move

Finger Driver Neon Game Overview

Drive and Drift on the Neon Road!

Finger Driver Neon is a thrilling and addictive new driving game where you get to navigate a small and adorable car on a neon road filled with obstacles and challenges!

Keep your focus on your vehicle and make sure it does not touch the sides of the road! The rules of this latest racing game are simple and easy to understand. Be sure to collect the coins and power-ups scattered along the way. Use the coins to unlock new stylish and fancy car models.

Get ready for an exciting challenge as you drive a small and cute car on a neon road filled with obstacles and thrilling challenges! Not everyone dares to accept this exciting race down the neon road. In this HTML5 car game, you need to showcase your driving and drifting skills to the highest level possible.

Guide your vehicle through a series of twisting and tight neon tracks, proving to the world that you are one of the best virtual drivers out there. The best part is that your vehicle moves forward on its own, so you only need to control the steering to make left and right turns.

Remember, it is important that your car does not collide with the neon sides under any circumstances. Be cautious, as your vehicle will explode if it hits the neon sides twice in a row.

Look out for a super magnet power-up that automatically collects gold coins for you, but remember, it only lasts for a limited time.

Are you up for the dare to race down this mesmerizing neon path? Put your driving and drifting skills to the ultimate test in Finger Driver Neon. We hope that you will be able to race like a pro and aim for your new best score today! Good luck, friends!

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