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Scrap Metal

Game Instructions:
  •   to drive
     to drive

Scrap Metal Game Overview

Ultimate Car Racing Experience!

Scrap Metal is a free online 3D driving simulation game that will transport you into a world reminiscent of the popular Hollywood movie franchise, Fast and Furious.

This brand new car racing game features seamless gameplay, stunning graphics, and dynamic audio and video effects. Drive six awesome cars, including a Jeep, a Mini Cooper, and a Mustang.

Key Features:

1. Freedom of Choice: Enjoy the freedom to play with your chosen cars, whether it is crashing them and turning them into scrap metal or performing surprising flips with the help of ramps. Drift around the industrial area and speed through different locations.
2. Vehicle Damage and Repair: Be cautious, as crashing at high speeds can destroy parts of your vehicles. But don not worry, you also have the magical ability to repair them in this cool flash game.
3. Stunning Graphics and Dynamic Effects: Experience the thrill of realistic 3D graphics, seamless gameplay, and immersive audio and video effects, creating an unforgettable car racing experience.

Each vehicle comes with its own unique characteristics, allowing you to explore various driving styles and strategies. Take control of the wheel and showcase your best driving skills as you navigate through challenging tracks, conquer treacherous obstacles, and race against the clock.

Perfectly suitable for players of all ages, Scrap Metal captivates with its user-friendly controls and accessibility. You will experience the thrill of racing through detailed environments, with dynamic day-night cycles, stunning visual effects, and immersive audio.

So, buckle up, rev your engines, and get ready to embark on the ultimate car racing adventure in Scrap Metal. Can you handle the intense speed, precision moves, and surprising action? Put the pedal to the metal, push your limits, and strive to achieve the highest score in this fantastic car game!

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