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Ado Cars Drifter 2

Ado Cars Drifter 2 Game Overview

Explore Drifting Like Never Before!

Ado Cars Drifter 2 is a brand new 3D driving simulator where your car drifting abilities are tested to get the highest score.

Select your vehicle, drift as much as possible to collect points and use these points to unlock new cars and maps

Key Features:

1. Handbrake technique mastery: Learn and implement the handbrake technique, a commonly used technique in drifting. Perfect your skills in accelerating and then skilfully slowing down to execute smooth and precise drifts.
2. Points and achievements: Choose from various four-wheeler models and gather points by making impressive drifts. Collecting points will not only boost your score but also unlock new car models. Complete achievements and aim for the highest score on the leaderboard. 3. Diverse tracks and cars: Enjoy driving different car models on new and exciting tracks. Experience the challenge of controlling powerful engine cars on various tracks. Unlock new levels and cars by accumulating enough points during gameplay.

Ado Cars Drifter 2 is a thrilling game that allows you to indulge in drift mania and learn the tricks of becoming a true drifting pro. Join this highly anticipated sequel and master the handbrake technique to conquer the tracks. Get ready to accelerate, slow down, and drift like never before!

With three tracks to choose from, seven car options, and immersive 3D graphics, this car drifting game has everything you need for an exciting drifting experience.

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