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Italian Front 1944

Italian Front 1944 Game Overview

WWII Strategy Challenge!

Italian Front 1944 is an intense arcade online game in which you have to control over multiple types of hexes with a mission to stop the future Soviet invasion from the East.

Navigate your missions, analyze combat values, movement capabilities, reaction values, and special skills to gain the upper hand by using an in-game map.

Key Features:

Cognitive Puzzle Solving:

All you need to do is just put your cognitive abilities to the test to sort out the card puzzles in a record time. Use the in-game map to navigate multiple missions successfully. Your primary objective is to gain control over different types of hexes, including clear terrain, impassable terrain, and fortified terrain hexes.

Tactical Hex Control:

Your victory depends upon how wisely you learn the complexities of managing hexes, including tracing supply lines through them. Avoid entering the enemy units in human restricted hexes and strategically move friendly units by clicking or tapping on them. Do not forget to press End Phase button to complete your turn. Analyse combat values, movement skills, reaction values, and special abilities to gain the upper hand.

WWII Historical Realism:

Get yourself in the World War II setting where you will get a chance to experience the challenges and strategic decisions faced by Allied forces. It is time to test your courage and leadership skills as you are looking forward to accomplish vital missions in this engaging online card game.

Step into the shoes of Allied forces in this immersive arcade challenge, simulating their efforts to breach the formidable Gothic Line and occupy Northern Italy during late 1944. This historical war began in July 1944 and concluded in October of the same year.

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