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Pixi Asteroid Rage

Game Instructions:
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     Left Move
     Right Move

Pixi Asteroid Rage Game Overview

Pixi Asteroid Rage is a super fun and action-packed spaceship jumping game where you have to fly a rocket through outer space.

Get into the spaceship, jump into space, drive for long to earn more and upgrade your spaceships while avoiding the asteroids and turrets.


1. Collect Money to Power-up:

As you soar through space, be sure to collect all the money you find. This currency will not help boost your power, but also enable you to buy advanced spaceships. The more money you collect, the better equipped you will be able to face the challenges ahead.

2. Avoid Deadly Traps:

Stay alert! Space is filled with deadly asteroids and turrets that can give you unwanted threat. Even the slightest collision with these traps can spell disaster for your spaceship. Keep your eyes on the screen and sue your piloting skills to avoid these hazards.

3. Beware of Alien Shelling:

The cosmos is not without its dangers. Keep an eye on your enemy alien stations that may unleash shelling upon you. Your maneuvering skills and quick reflexes will be put to the test as you dodge meteorites and enemy missiles. Taking control of your spaceship can be easy if you pay attention to the details. Navigate the vast universe, and collect colorful dots, while avoiding dangerous meteorites and missiles from enemy cannons.

If you life this spaceship game, do not forget to check our out exclusive collection of free flying games and find some more exciting and entertaining titles to keep you engaged. All the best to show the world your space mastery and have a blast online!

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