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Zombie Dead Race

Game Instructions:
  •  Drive
     Shoot in Left side
     Shoot in Rightside

Zombie Dead Race Game Overview

Survive the Apocalypse

Zombie Dead Race is a thrilling 3D free online action-packed car racing game that throws you into a relentless battle for survival against bloodthirsty zombies.

Get behind the wheel of a powerful car and navigate through pools of blood as you race along the highway, using a range of gadgets and weapons to keep zombies away.

Key Features:

1. Zombie Survival Gameplay: Experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Drive through hordes of deadly zombies who are eager to feast on your flesh. Utilize your fully equipped car to ram and destroy the relentless undead. Race at high speeds to evade these local monsters and stay alive in this intense 3D driving simulator.
2. Gadgets and Weapons: Discover a car loaded with useful gadgets that can turn the tide in your favour. Learn how to effectively use nitro boosts, shields, and automatic weapons to battle the vicious zombies. Strategically unleash your arsenal to keep the undead at bay and ensure your survival on the treacherous highway.
3. Upgrades and Cash Collection: Complete tasks swiftly and collect as much cash as possible to unlock a range of awesome upgrades. Enhance your car performance and acquire new powerful weapons to increase your chances of survival in this cool zombie game. The more cash you gather, the better equipped you will be to face the relentless zombie hordes.

With smooth graphics, easy controls, and seamless gameplay, Zombie Dead Race offers a thrilling and entertaining experience. Put your survival skills to the test as you navigate through the apocalyptic world.
Can you sustain the zombie onslaught and emerge victorious?

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