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Space Rider

Space Rider Game Overview

Enjoy Racing in Space!

Space Rider is an awesome 3D arcade-racing game where you control a plane through the vast expanse of space filled with different sized buildings.

Make sure to pass it through yellow circles to get as many points as possible through unique and amazing 13 levels.

Key Features:

1. 13 Quick-Paced Levels: Challenge yourself through 13 levels of increasing difficulty, each filled with exhilarating obstacles and challenges.
2. Avoid Traps and Foes: Stay sharp and agile as you navigate through the treacherous space environment, dodging traps and foes that stand in your way.
3. Realistic Space Simulator: Immerse yourself in the role of a skilled space pilot with this realistic space flight simulator, carefully crafted by a renowned Rocket Scientist.

It is pretty exciting to explore a thrilling journey through the cosmos. Use your patience and focus to take control of your futuristic spaceplane and embark on an epic adventure. As you soar through the galaxy, be cautious not to collide with any obstacles that might halt your progress.

Fly your plane carefully and try to pass through every yellow circle, accumulating points and climbing up the leaderboard.

Inspired by the classic Sega arcade game After Burner, Space Rider brings a modern twist to the retro shoot-em-up genre. Equip your spaceplane with a powerful machine gun and a limited supply of missiles to take down enemy jets. Strategically use your weapons to defeat adversaries and progress to the next mission.

Once you have mastered the aerial battles, take command of a high-tech spaceship to face a new challenge �?? destroy enemy ships to clear your path forward. The integrated flight stick allows you to have precise control over your craft, making your flight even more immersive and enjoyable.

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