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Labo 51

Labo 51 Game Overview

Tower-Jumping Adventure!

Labo 51 is a super fun HTML5 skill game in which you have to help your character reach the top of the hellish tower. Guide your monster to jump through the gears to escape from the acid, and try to reach as top as possible to achieve your high score.

Key Features:

1. Precise Jumping Mechanics:

Spot the most appropriate angles to master the art of making precise jumps. Make sure to click or tap the screen at just the right moment. Remember each jump you make counts, and your primary objective is to help the amoeba reach greater heights.

2. Laboratory Experiment Setting:

The problem is that a laboratory experiment gone twisted, with a looming misconception that it could lead to an apocalyptic disaster. Scientists have filled the pipeline with dangerous acid to contain the situation, and you are the only hope for the cute amoeba.

3. Endless Survival Challenge:

Your primary objective is to help the amoeba survive for as long as possible in this HTML5 tower game. As you move forward, the challenges become increasingly intense. In this situation, you have only choice to keep up the good work.

Test your reflexes and accuracy as you guide the amoeba to ascend through the tower, while looking forward to set new records with each successful jump.

Navigate the amoeba through a hazardous environment, jumping from wheel to wheel, and helping it escape from the acid while striving to ensure its survival.

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