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Laps Fuse

Laps Fuse Game Overview

Laps Fuse is a beautiful combination of match-3 puzzle game and the 2048 game featuring number fusion fun, multiple levels and combo cascades and achievements.

Navigate the rotating circle, match balls of the same number and colour to create larger-numbered balls. Earn additional laps to continue the rotation and maximize your score.

Key Features:

1. Number Fusion Fun:

Are you ready to sort out various intriguing puzzles using numbers as you fuse tiles together? Your matching and strategic thinking skills matter a lot to complete the task in this free online HTML5 matching game.

2. Progress Through Levels:

Navigate the rotating circle, strategically match balls of the same colour and number to create larger-numbered balls. Remember, with every successful merge you make, help to earn additional laps to keep the exciting rotation going and improve your score.

3. Combo Cascades and Achievements:

Pay attention to details how to strategically shoot your ball to create combos, trigger stunning match and fusion cascades effects. Perfect timing and placement matters the most to unlock new achievements and level up.

In this latest and interactive arcade game, you will get a chance to fuse tiles together and engage in addictive puzzle mechanics. It is a great fun to discover the joy of merging balls and enhancing your strategic thinking as you progress through levels.

This brand new arcade game offers not only an entertaining gameplay experience but also an opportunity to unlock achievements and showcase your skills in fusing and matching.

Explore the wide variety of free arcade games, discover more fun-filled challenges, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Fusion Circle Challenge!

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