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HelloKids Color By Number

HelloKids Color By Number Game Overview

A Fun Drawing Adventure!

HelloKids Color By Number is an arcade-based colouring game where you have to colour the tiles of the chosen picture as nicely as possible.

Select from a wide array of pictures, select the right colour for each tile, complete the puzzle and share your creation with the world.

Key Features:

1. Wide Picture Choices:

There is a wide range of pictures, which include adorable animals. Your job is to colour them using your creativity and colouring skills. This feature allows them to choose their favourite images, making this brand new arcade game more exciting and engaging.

2. Simple Controls:

The controls are easy to understand, so you can find this colouring experience worth enjoying. Kids can easily navigate through the game, select the colour you want, and fill in the tiny blocks with the corresponding numbers.

3. Zoom in and Out Functionality:

This HTML5 puzzle game allows players to zoom in to work on pixel-like blocks, providing precision while colouring. They can also zoom out to view the entire image, giving them a sense of achievement and a chance to appreciate their colourful artwork.

Put your imaginative and drawing skills to the test in this fantastic mobile game. Many kids may not enjoy drawing due to a lack of interest or creativity, but this cool drawing game can change that. It provides a playful platform where players can choose from a variety of pictures and fill them with the right colors. It an excellent way to practice drawing while fostering their creativity in colours.

Good luck to explore more of our exciting arcade games to help your child learning journey in a more enjoyable way. Best of luck!

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