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Color Hexagon

Game Instructions:
  •  Rotate Block
     Rotate Block
     Rotate Block

Color Hexagon Game Overview

Hexagon Block Challenge!

Color Hexagon is a brand new logic-based arcade game where you have to rotate the hexagon for long to create your score.

Rotate the hexagon, avoid storing blocks that you see outside the outer grey hexagon, and survive for as long as you can to create your best score.

Key Features:

1. Fast-Paced and Interesting Gameplay:

Are you ready to experience the excitement of quick decision-making as you are aimed here to rotate the hexagon to prevent blocks from stacking outside the grey hexagonal area.

2. Combo Action:

Make sure to aim to connect and destroy 3 or more blocks of the identical color, triggering satisfying combos that reward your skills with sliding blocks and high scores.

3. Strategic Rotations:

You have to rotate the hexagon strategically to manage multiple stacks of blocks on each face, ensuring the outer grey hexagon remains clear while maximizing your points.

Color Hexagon is a thrilling HTML5 puzzle game that tests your reflexes and strategic thinking. Blocks incline from the edges of the screen towards the inner black hexagon. You can prevent the blocks from piling up outside the grey hexagonal area by just rotating the hexagon with a few strategic moves.

In this cool mobile logical game, your goal is to connect and destroy blocks of the same color. Successful destruction of blocks triggers combos, marked by a receding outline around the grey hexagon. As the combos rack up, so do your points.

Can you dare to achieve the highest score possible? Can you keep your hexagon clear and master the art of block destruction in this captivating puzzle adventure? Give it a try and test your skills today!

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