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City Stunts

City Stunts Game Overview

Ultimate Car Stunt Challenge!

City Stunts is an addictive 3D driving simulator where you drive luxury cars through the streets and find the best ramps and super loops to try for free.

This brand new racing game features colourful 3D graphics, 8 amazing vehicles to drive, intuitive controls, entertaining gameplay and various stunt performs to use.

Key Features:

Thrilling Stunt Action: Experience the adrenaline rush as you perform mind-blowing stunts! From backflips in the sky to racing through a city filled with towering skyscrapers, City Stunts offers a variety of daring challenges. Push your limits and conquer the busy city streets with your fearless driving skills!

Unlock Cars and Ramps: Collect points by executing spectacular stunts and unlock new car models and ramps. Each car offers a unique driving experience, allowing you to experiment with different speeds and weights. Choose your favorite car and customize it to suit your style. The more points you earn; the more options you will have to take your stunts to the next level!

Explore the Vast City: Immerse yourself in a sprawling city filled with opportunities for jaw-dropping stunts. Race through the streets, soar over buildings, and enjoy the freedom of defying gravity. With a multitude of sports vehicles at your disposal, the city is yours to explore and conquer. Unleash your creativity and make every corner your personal playground!

Take part in the ultimate car racing competition, perform stunts on multiple deadly ramps and loops, and prove your mettle as a stunt champion! Master the art of precision driving, unleash your imagination, and leave spectators in awe of your skills. Keep an eye on your speed as you perform daring moves and complete levels to claim the championship cup.

City Stunts is the perfect HTML5 game for those who crave the thrill of high-speed sports cars and gravity-defying stunts.

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