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Circle Crash

Circle Crash Game Overview

Master the Art of Racing in Circles!

Circle Crash is an easy-to-play-hard-to-master racing game featuring unlocking new car models, coin earning system, and easy and hard modes.

Rev up or slow down car to avoid the crash with other vehicles, and collect coins to unlock new cool cars.

Key Features:

1. Rev up or slow down to avoid collisions: Exercise caution and adjust your car speed accordingly to avoid collisions with other swiftly-moving vehicles on the track. Show off your skilful control of the steering wheel as you navigate the challenging circular track.
2. Collect coins to unlock new car models: Keep an eye out for coins scattered along the track. Collect them to unlock cool new car models, adding variety and excitement to your gameplay. Discover the best car games for kids with a wide range of cars to choose from.
3. Easy and Hard modes for all skill levels: Challenge yourself with two different modes - Easy and Hard. Start with Easy mode if you are a beginner, and as you gain confidence, test your skills in Hard mode. Choose the mode that matches your expertise and unleash your racing prowess.

Get ready to take the driver seat and become a master of a one-of-a-kind circular racing track. Your objective in this free online car game is to control the speed of your car and avoid crashing into other vehicles.

In Circle Crash, do not hesitate to use the brakes to slow down your car or hit the gas pedal to speed up when necessary. Explore all the tracks and aim to make as many circles as possible to secure the highest points. Be mindful that colliding with other moving cars will immediately end the game.

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