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Xtreme Trials Bike 2019

Xtreme Trials Bike 2019 Game Overview

Motorbike Stunts Mania!

Xtreme Trials Bike 2019 is a 3D driving game where you ride a motorbike along a forest trail to finish the race. Use check points, perform stunts and tricks and earn money and use that cash to unlock new motorbike models.

Key features:

Challenging obstacles: Conquer deadly obstacles as you navigate through forest trails, showcasing your bike riding skills and precision.
Time-based races: Finish each race in the shortest possible time to achieve a high score and prove your dominance on the tracks.
Unlockable bikes and tracks: Earn money by performing tricks and stunts, and use it to unlock new bike models and a wide variety of tracks.

Jump onto your cross bike and demonstrate your mastery of driving along the treacherous forest trails. Embrace the challenge as you encounter daunting obstacles that will test your skills. Utilize the checkpoints strategically to track your progress and achieve optimal performance. If you find certain trails difficult, the option to skip them will be available after a few attempts.

Push your limits and perform jaw-dropping tricks and stunts to earn money. Use this money wisely to unlock new bike models, enhancing your abilities and boosting your chances of becoming the ultimate cross bike master in this bike simulation game. Enjoy the thrill of upgrading your rider avatar, building your own bike, and unlocking a vast variety of tracks.

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