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ATV Traffic

ATV Traffic Game Overview

Endless 3D Bike Racing Game!

ATV Traffic is a 3D driving simulator featuring multiple game modes, diverse ATV models and environments, upgrades and rewards.

Choose your bike and environment, decide between time attack, fuel mode or endless mode and gear up to ride an ATV bike on a highway.

Key Features:

1. Multiple game modes: Choose from three thrilling game modes - Endless, Time, and Fuel. Each mode offers a unique gameplay experience, ensuring hours of entertainment and variety.
2. Diverse ATV models and environments: Select from three ATV models and explore four different environments. Customize your ride and adapt to various terrains and challenges as you progress through the game.
3. Collect upgrades and rewards: Gather watches, coins, and other useful upgrades along the way. Use them to enhance your ATV performance and unlock additional features, adding a layer of strategy to your racing experience.

ATV Traffic is an exciting bike racing game that allows you to explore the world of transport trucks, master the art of driving through traffic like a dragon, and navigate your way to the destination amidst thrilling challenges.

Your goal is to collect the target coins in each level to clear it successfully. As you complete each level, a scoreboard will display the coins you earned, the total distance you covered, and your best coins earned. The game easy driving mechanics and captivating gameplay will keep you immersed for hours, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate driving simulator experience.

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you ride through traffic, overcome obstacles, and conquer the roads in ATV Traffic. Get ready to race like never before!

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