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Real Extreme Girl Skater

Game Instructions:
  •  Move In Left Side
     Lay Down
     Move In Left Side
     Move In Right Side
     Move In Right Side
     Lay Down

Real Extreme Girl Skater Game Overview

Conquer the Streets and Become a Legend!

Participating in a prestigious skating competition and securing a respected position requires exceptional skills and control over a super powerful skateboarder. Fortunately, you possess this incredible talent. The grandest skating competition has just begun, and your friends have enthusiastically added your name to the list of contestants.

It is time to put on your skates, gear up, and race through the streets to claim victory in Real Extreme Girl Skater! Hey there! In this one of the best sports games for boys and girls, there is no room for pity or holding back. To complete your mission, you must fearlessly crash into obstacles and rivals along the way. Push your skating skills and concentration to their ultimate levels.

Get ready to jump over various types of obstacles, showcasing your agility and precision. Embrace the thrill of crashing into objects, whether they be people, cars, or trucks, to score big! And don not forget to keep an eye out for valuable coins scattered along the route. As you skate through the challenging course, collect as many coins as you can. These coins can be used to unlock advanced skaters or purchase exciting upgrades in this HTML5 skating game.

Your victory will be determined by how wisely you challenge your skating abilities and score big points. Prove to the world that you are a true urban skating legend, making even Tony Hawk jealous of your extraordinary talents!

So, my daring friends, show the world that you have what it takes to own the streets and dominate any skating duel that comes your way. Get ready to conquer the streets and become a legendary skater in Real Extreme Girl Skater!

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