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City Moto Racer Nitro

Game Instructions:
  •  Move In Left Side
     Move In Right Side
     Move In Left Side
     Move In Right Side

City Moto Racer Nitro Game Overview

Ignite Your Racing Passion

City Moto Racer - Nitro is a thrilling racing game that allows you to drive an exclusively-designed motorcycle in a city and on a highway.

Engage in multiple thrilling game missions and unlock awesome features as you progress. Get on your bike, gear up, and navigate through heavy traffic, leaving slowpokes behind.

Key Features: 1. Virtual Bike Racing Thrills: Fulfil your dream of bike racing in a safe and free virtual environment.
2. Exciting Challenges and Obstacles: Test your skills by racing through a big city or on a highway while avoiding obstacles and challenges.
3. Gold Coins and Bike Upgrades: Collect coins, unlock new motorbikes, and upgrade them to enhance your racing performance.

Experience the exhilarating world of bike racing in City Moto Racer Nitro. Fulfil your dream of racing bikes in a free environment without the real-life risks. This virtual racing game is the perfect treat for your racing instincts. It has captivated the attention of speed enthusiasts and bike lovers alike.

In this brand-new racing game, your objective is to race and rush through a stunning big city or along a busy highway. Stay alert and avoid the challenges and obstacles that lie in your path.

Attention, brave racers! You have left your home on a quest for gold coins. Dash across the busy highway, ensuring that you survive at all costs in this one of the best motorbike games for boys and girls.

Explore different car models and face various dangerous obstacles that aim to hinder your progress. Boost your records and scores by unlocking new motorbikes through victories or upgrading your existing one. Make sure your bike is ready to conquer the highway in this cool online motorcycle game!

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