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Wheelie Challenge

Wheelie Challenge Game Overview

Challenging Bicycle Ride!

Wheelie Challenge is an exciting and versatile HTML5 wheelie game where you ride a bicycle, maintain its balance and overcome the range of obstacles along the way.

Can you control more than 30 different vehicles? Drive with multiple motorcycle and bicycle types and try to make the longest wheelie ever!

Key Features:

Master the Wheelie: Use your mouse or tap the screen to start riding and pop a wheelie. Your task is to maintain balance and keep your bike front wheel off the ground for as long as possible. Be careful not to let the front wheel touch the ground or let your character fall back, as it will result in immediate game over.

Navigate Challenging Obstacles: Encounter various obstacles, including tricky ramps, as you strive to keep your character bike balanced. Focus on the bike and ensure that its wheel stays in the air to keep your character alive. Sharpen your balancing and driving skills to survive longer and achieve high scores.

Compete on Leaderboards: Practice and improve your gaming skills to become the ultimate wheelie player. Aim for the top spot on the leaderboards by creating your best scores. Challenge your friends and family members to join the Wheelie Challenge and see who can achieve the longest wheelie ride.

Wheelie Challenge is also known as an addictive racing game that puts your skills to the test. Can you survive the ultimate bicycle challenge and prove yourself as a pro rider?

Take on the role of a Wheelie Master in this thrilling bicycle ride. Test your balance, showcase your wheelie skills, and strive for the highest scores. Can you become the ultimate champion of the Wheelie Challenge? Prove your worth and enjoy the exciting ride! Find More Games Like This:

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