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Pro Wrestling Action

Pro Wrestling Action Game Overview

Fight for Championship Glory!

Hey! Have you heard news about the beginning of the world biggest virtual wrestling championship? Many gamers are already on a way to this popular platform. Join Pro Wrestling Action and become a part of this thrilling wrestling competition!

You have given your many precious years to train yourself so at this moment you cannot say no. Step into this thrilling wresting competition and gear up to throw opponents out of the ring in this brand new sports game! Fight against all your rivals, using punches, kicks, and jumps to become the last man standing!

Beware of your powerful and active opponents; stay vigilant and knock them out while you are in the ring. Common! It is time to showcase your spectacular moves, from diving onto your opponents to timing your jumps and climbing the ropes for victory! Only one fighter can remain in the ring, so aim to throw all your opponents out and collect coins along the way.

Use these coins to upgrade your wrestler in the shop, offering various options like The Cliff, Bold Steve, John Rhino, Vladmir Strongman, Bulk, Crock The Beast, Curve Angle, and Mexicano in this cool HTML5 wrestling game! Stay focused until you eliminate all your opponents, leaving them defeated on the ground. Choose from multiple attacks and raise your money to prepare your favourite wrestler in your store!

We are confident that fans of UFC, WWF, WCW, and WWE will love this game. Do not forget to explore other popular titles in the extensive category of free action games, playable on multiple devices and latest browsers without the need for downloads!

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