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Monster Truck Soccer

Monster Truck Soccer Game Overview

Racing Meets Soccer Madness!

Monster Truck Soccer is a 1 player football arcade sports game where you drive your truck back and forth to get the soccer ball into your opponent net.

Compete in the world tournament, control a cute monster truck and take on the challenge of scoring goals with a soccer ball.

Key Features:

1. High-Octane Soccer Action: Race against the clock and score goals in 60 seconds of intense gameplay. Attack the ball immediately upon starting the game for fast-paced action.

Wacky Physics Gameplay: Engage in a physics-based soccer game where you defend and bump against opponents to outscore them. Control your monster truck, manoeuvre skilfully, and unleash powerful shots to find the back of the net.

Boost Power-Up and Stylish Customization: Activate strategic boosts to push opponents and score amazing goals. Choose your favourite monster truck, earn points to unlock fancy hats, and personalize your truck in style.

Keep an eye on the score display as you outmanoeuvre opponents using your exceptional football and racing skills. Strategically activate your boost to gain an advantage over opponents and seize scoring opportunities. Choose your truck, dive into the world of real soccer fun, and unlock fancy hats using points earned during gameplay.

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