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London Jigsaw Puzzle

London Jigsaw Puzzle Game Overview

Rebuild the City Beauty!

London Jigsaw Puzzle is a super cool arcade-style jigsaw puzzle game in which you have to complete the beautiful locations of the London city.

Choose the difficulty level and gear up to drag and drop the jigsaw pieces in the right slots until you complete the puzzle through 12 amazing pictures.

Key Features:

1. Famous Landmarks:

Arrange the jigsaw pieces to form iconic London landmarks like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and more. Have a blast reconstructing these renowned sites and showcasing your puzzling skills.

2. Customizable Difficulty:

Tailor the puzzle difficulty as per your preference by changing the number of pieces in each row or column. This helps provide an adaptable gameplay experience suitable for various skill levels.

3. Multiple Backgrounds and Hints:

You are lucky enough to explore the game with different backgrounds, which add a unique variety and enhance your gaming experience. Do not forget to use the hints available at the top right corner of the screen to guide you through challenging segments and conquer the puzzles with ease.

In this brand new arcade game, you get an opportunity to recreate the beauty of London renowned landmarks through an exciting jigsaw puzzle adventure. Your primary objective is to arrange the jigsaw pieces accurately, bringing the pictures of London picturesque locations back to life.

It is awesome to test your memory, logic, vision, concentration, and brain skills as you work to complete all the jigsaw puzzles.

Whether you are playing solo or with friends, London Jigsaw Puzzle promises hours of enjoyment and fun, while satisfying a sense of accomplishment. All the best in completing all the puzzles!

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