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Fire Soldier

Fire Soldier Game Overview

Fire Soldier: Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure!

Fire Soldier can be an unforgettable treat of all those gamers who previously played or heard the most popular action-adventure packed Mario games! Even the first-time gamer can fall in love with this brand new platform game where a small character needs assistance for his new adventure.

The primary objective is to control a small boy who is looking forward to complete his adventurous journey. You as a player have guide him kill or avoid all of the obstacles that you see along the way. Make sure to grab the coins and also keep your eyes on the power-ups to give your score a needed boost.

The track is full of different types of enemies like pink colour small creatures, moving scorpions and lots more. You have to keep your character away from these enemies as even a single hit can cause the energy lose and soon your character will die if your health bar is completely finished.

You would not have time to relax as the fatal boss is waiting for you later in this one of the best adventure games for boys. Be careful and guide your character to reach the corner area to keep him safe in case if he comes close with the enemies in the bottom area.

Keep your eyes on your health bar and complete as many tracks as you can to score higher in the end. Check out more funny and engaging free platformer games on atmegame.com and get a pleasure of giving you the best entertainment for free, no download required!

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