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3D Chess

3D Chess Game Overview

3D Chess is a super cool 3D great chess simulation game in which you challenge computer AI to win a chess game through multiple difficulty levels.

Choose the difficulty level as per your preference, choose the looks of the board along with titles and gear up to play against the computer AI or against another player on the local mode.

Key Features:

1. Varied Difficulty Levels:

It is pretty difficult to challenge yourself with 7 unique and tricky difficulty levels. But you can do by putting your skills to the test. Select the 3D chess version and get yourself ready to improve your skills effortlessly. The level you play will help to know your expertise in the game.

2. Logical and Strategic Play:

Remember every move matters. So try to approach each move logically and strategically to avoid costly blunders. Whether you are playing against the computer or a friend, this latest strategy turn based board game rewards skill and precision.

Play Anytime, Anywhere: Wow! This is the beauty of this cool HTML5 mobile chess game as you can enjoy it at your convenience, without the fear of embarrassment if you lose to the computer. Conquer all of the levels to prove your skill and aim to become a chess grandmaster. strategy turn based board game.

In this fresh arcade puzzle experience, you get a chance to enhance your chess skills in a welcoming environment. It becomes convenient for you to refine your chess kills while keeping your mind busy for the long time.

If you like fabulous HTML5 board game, do not forget to check our extensive variety of online arcade games in a search for more challenging chess thrill and entertainment and have fun unlimited without download.

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