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Knight Vs Zombies

Knight Vs Zombies Game Overview

Knight Vs Zombies: Conquer the Ugly Undead in Epic Battles!

OMG! This castle looks ugly as all the blood-thirsty zombies have gathered here to kill your favourite hero. Would you like to become his helping hand and clear all the area from these ugly-looking souls? Join Knight Vs Zombies, grab your knives and gear up to kill all these monsters like a professional killer!

Remember they are also lashed with deadly knives so only your attentiveness and fast reaction can help save your life. Another problem is that these undead souls are available in large number so you have to keep killing them to survive in this brand new action-packed game.

The good news is that there is no chance of knife shortage as your character can use them in an unlimited number. So, fight like a champion without worrying about knives and try to defeat all of them like a pro in this one of the best HTML5 shooting games for boys.

Your good performance will also help earn some special powers through which you can fight against boss fights and unlock a new game mode. Some upgrades will also there to purchase with the help of some extra points.

Do not forget to gain a quick access to some amazing rewards using your unmatched abilities. Make sure to get hit by any of these monsters otherwise your hero gets killed immediately.

Focus on how to improve weapons and armours to clear the area from these evils in this HTML5 shooting game! Use your knife handling skills to conquer the place and to be called as the biggest survivor in the world of dangerous evil knights!

Hope you survive for long to secure the top score in the game, which is available to play for free, no download required!

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